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Thank you for sharing. A magic room filled with yarn, hooks and needles! I made this hat using 4 ply yarn and US 8 needles 5mm.

And this knit owl hat has been a perennial best seller. Now I'm sharing the Owl Hat pattern with you. Owl Hat Knit Pattern. A few pattern notes: Have had lots of positive comments and am now going to do a smaller one for my seven year old granddaughter. Beanie type hats don’t look too good on me so i have added pompom to top for a bit.
This is a tutorial for an Owl Shells Beanie I made a few weeks ago for a 1,5 year old sweet baby girl. The final beanie was about 48 cm and the depth was of 17 or 18 cm. If you want to make a bigger version, just increase more rows.
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Jan 09,  · To crochet a beanie for an older child use a size J hook and a medium weight worsted yarn. For adults you can use a size K hook and a heavier .
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You searched for: owl beanies! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. No matter what you’re looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. Let’s get started!

If I increase to the 80 stitches you say to use a 9 circular needle,would that be correct? Thank you for the pattern using 2 straight needles. I was trying to work this on 2 needles before these instructions. However, I still something missing. On the cables are those done in knit or purl? This will have a significant bearing on the finished piece!

I found this pattern a year ago and made a couple of the hats. I wanted to start by saying thank you so much for this pattern. According to comments on going up in needle size, are people sizing up to the 80 co and also usint a size 8 needle size?

I am having the same experience. I just finished this hat for my granddaughter. I am a tight knitter but followed the pattern exactly.. It is a bit long but still a lovely pattern.. Now, any one know of A free mitten pattern to match? I used 5mm needles,forgetting about the difference in sizes between U. It was a good mistake as the hat is adorable.. Trying to think of the best way to size up for adult man. Will get measurement and gauge but would it be reasonable to CO 80 and increase to 88 for one more owl?

I am thinking for the increase row; K13, inc1 x6 and distribute the 4 extra stitches evenly? Hi Julie I do not knit and my cousin asked me if I could make this and I saw you sell this hat. I looked on etsy and to no avail. Can you tell me how much you charge to make this owl hat? I made the hat using US size 5 needle…. Very quick to knit up…. I would like to knit in adult siz so I am goi g to enlarge and see how it goes….

But where is the pattern to be found? I made the owl hat last week: I am utterly confused…I just want to knit this hat in the round for an adult to look just like the photo.

Sorry to complain but this precious hat is too adorable to pass up! This is a great hat, why are you people giving this lady such a hard time? She offered this pattern for FREE.

As for trial and error knitting, how do you think she made the pattern…trial and error I suspect. Anyone who can follow this type of a pattern has had some experience with knitting and should have been able to tell from the needle size that it was going to knit up small for this weight of yarn and this number of stitches.

She clearly stated that the pattern is over 11 stitches and so upon casting on the stitches you would have realized that you needed to add more. This was her pattern for her head, use that pattern as a guide. I say thank you for the pattern, I appreciate it very much. I knit one it was too small so guess what? STOP giving her a hard time and asking her to go to more work work you should be doing to come up with a pattern that suits you.

Again thank you Julie for the lovely work you have done and for sharing your pattern for free! Jennifer, there is actually a pattern for the 2 needles method if you look above, so anyone that wishes to make them on two needles just look for the link in the comments that Julie posted..

Kind of you to share… I have a friend who lives farrrrr away, and I will make this for her as she lovessss owls. Thanks for the pattern Julie!

I reduced the number of rows in rounds to 10 instead of 20 but otherwise followed the pattern exactly. The hat fits wonderfully! Not bad for my first attempt at a hat! Yes there is but the original pattern was not meant for 2 needles. I think people should be thankful for what was given.

The link is not from Julie but from someone else. This link is for what she used. I feel that people are being far to harsh to her. Be grateful for her work. I noticed on raverly it says a size 7 needle. This is the knit version. I have also seen the crocheted version which cost to download. See Pinterest Crocheted Owl Hat. Hi, Did you write the pattern for the owl hat on straight needles line for line, if so could you send me a link to it. Thank you so much for your generosity.

Hi Julie, I am using 5mm needles, cast on 80, trying to increase to 88 on row 9. If I do the K14 inc 1, I end up with 5 left over stitches at the end. I am trying to make an adult hat find the 72 stitches make the band too small…. Looking forward to hearing from you. For me the problem is solved regarding making the hat adult size.

Using size 8 needles, cast on 98 sts. K 8, M1 to end you will have 2 sts. From there just follow the pattern. It comes out just fine. Hi Julie I want to say I am very excited to try this pattern and since I have a big head lol I am going to need to do the increased sts is that going to change the pattern in any way. Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous pattern! Again … thank you!! On this page you show the C4F and C4B correctly to get the owl results as shown on the hat but on the pattern download they are incorrect saying that C4F is slip 4 stitches to the front and C4B is slip 4 stitches to the back.

Please correct the download pattern. I absolutely love this pattern! I found your instructions very clear and it was an easy knit. I think one more owl might do the trick. Just finished the owl toque for a child. Thank you so much for the pattern. I think I will need to take out a few rows of the knit rows, hat is a tad bit long but I will try it on the child and see. Julie, thank you sooooo much for your lovely owl hat pattern! I can hardly wait to make it. I am going to knit this hat pattern but on two needles, then got to thinking I would like a scarf to go with it.

Ok, not too difficult to work out size but not sure how to finish it. In other words how do I knit the end in reverse, starting with the ears? I knit this hat to fit my head….

I used 4—5mm needles and g Cascade wool. Cast on 92 sts and K1P1 around as per the instructions. Be sure to join the round on row 2. Row 9 K13 M1 around until the last stitches. K2 at the end…. Continue as per instructions. I continued to Row 36 then started the decrease as per Row 51 in the instructions. Continue to the end. Great pattern with easy to follow instructions…..

Definitely do a gauge check before starting…. I was finished before I realised that the size was way to small. Thanks so much for the wonderful pattern!!!!

Great pattern … Made adjustments tor different sizes based on your 11 stitch repeats and as worked out awesome Love it Thank you so much. Thank you, Julie, for such a cute hat and fun pattern. I made the original version and am passing it along to a wee one.

Thank you to all who posted adjustments to make the pattern larger. Am anxious to get started on another as it is so much fun to knit. A big thank you for this lovely hat.

Thanks to Tanya for doing the two needle version. I am in uk where we do not have worsted wool. However for any other uk knitters Aran is the yarn to use. I am on row 25 and the gauge is working out exactly as specified by Tanya. Sorry I should have said 8 ply not 8mm.

Chris Oliver, i am glad it is working out for you. I have made a little video not the best quality i have to admit but i think you can understand it to show how i sew it up so you dont see the seam.. I knit two of these and both of them had very excessive amounts of knitted rows at the top. For a normal size head I would eliminate at least 8 rows before the finish. I have now finished the hat using Aran wool and I love it. I have posted a pic on fb but not sure i can put a pic on here.

Have had lots of positive comments and am now going to do a smaller one for my seven year old granddaughter. When I got to the increase row starting with 72 sts and inc to 77 sts I find that it should be K 13 Inc 1 5 times then K 2 otherwise you will not have enough sts on your needles to K14 Inc 1 5 times then K2 as this would come to 77 sts to start and increasing 5 sts to 82 sts instead of starting with 72 and increasing to 77 sts.

I made this owl cap it was my first time doing the cable stitch,and did it without any problems. I love how it turned out. I am going to make one for all my grandchildren.

Thanks for any help! Tanya would you be able to email me? Will this fit the normal sized head of an adult woman? I also found it small when done on 3. I have switched up to 4. I am using US 5 needles. Any Owl pattern I have made so far such as hats or fingerless mitts I have used very tiny buttons. I usually take my finished project with me and match them to something I like. The hat is beautiful. Thanks for the pattern. Hi Elizabeth i have 2 video clips of the invisible stitch, i will provide the link for them.

Here are the two videos.. I apologize as the second video is very shadowy and dark, but i think you can see the important parts of the video…So if you look at the first link in the video i say to catch the back loop while you can still do this i think going through both loops works better…and in the second video i tell you to go through the back bump which makes the owl sit better..

First video is clearer but the second videos stitching lets the owl and hat lay better…wow i hope that made sense…lol Video 1 https: Thank you for this pattern. This was a quick, easy and fun project. I did make some adjustments though. I used size 7 4. The pattern calls for K1P1 for the ribbing but two of the hats pictured have a K2P2 pattern shown? How many stitches do i cast on to make a K2P2 ribbing then how to i make my increase to 77 stitches.

I think the K2P2 looks better? However, although I went up to size 7 needles, the hat was barely large enough for my teenaged daughter and, when worn, the owls are stretched far apart which diminishes their charm. I wish I had seen the above comments earlier and cast on more stitches.

I think I will have to make another one with 22 more stitches for two more owls. Also, I will decrease the number of knit rows above the owls before the decrease rows begin as the hat I made ended up a bit too high picture what Dopey in Snow White might wear! Round 29 P2 together, P1, K 8 Is there something missing? What happened to the pattern of 11 sts? If you knit this hat how did you get the pattern to work? I finally made this.

Ripped it out a couple of times before I was happy with it. Used 5mm needles and started with 90 stitches. I have a big head: O After ribbing I went up to stitches. I also only did 4 knit rows above the finished owls, it was much too long the other way. Quite happy with it now. Thank you very much for the pattern. Started making the owl hat yesterday, today the pattern has disappeared and I cannot find it again. Has it been removed? Just ordered this paternal the link to download is broken — how am I supposed to get the pattern I paid for?

She is no longer offering it for free…and it looks like you can not access the document for the straight needle version neither…. The owl hat has been updated and is now available here as well as many other free and paid patterns http: I cannot download the pattern either and the link that u talk about at the beginning I cannot locate…is there any other way of getting this pattern.

I assume by website u mean what program I am using? Is this pattern still free? I downloaded it a few weeks ago but apparently missed the finishing directions. It is simply adorable and I would love to knit myself one. Is it possible that you can email it to me? The designer was kind enough to have this pattern as a freebie for a while. It is not expensive to purchase. Aside from this, pattern is easy to follow. Fiona T, that I know of, all cable patterns show how many total stitches are in one cable.

If the cable was C6B — would be put first 3 stitches on cable needle and hold in back, knit the 3 on the working needle left and then knit the 3 on the cable needle.

Also good to put in a lifeline once you know for sure that the work is correct, to the best of your abilities.

I was more frustrated that the pattern notes are not included with the paid pattern- it would be nice to have the paid pattern updated with these hints and tips. When in doubt, give YouTube a Search. There are usually a few different teachers teaching in their own way on just about anything and everything.

Takes time to filter through those to find a teacher whose way of teaching suits yours. Might consider legislation in the USA for such things! I pray she and her husband and animals will be safe. On the couch with a broken hèel and I would love to make one for my grandson who is 18 months.

Maybe with just a couple owls Do you have a smaller pattern. I also have wool that is hand spun, some of it thinner so I am quessing that would be equvilent to worsted. Thanks so much for any in put you may have. Here is the video that shows the cable stitches for this hat.

I am a beginner knitter learning continental style knitting. I have made three hats and a pair of baby socks.

I was wondering if this pattern would be a good fit for me. How can I get it? This is so cute! I just bought the pattern and think I found someone to make it for me wish I knitted, maybe someday! What color yarn is the one on the left, I really like it? I bought the pattern and was wondering it says 5mm double pointed needles can I use the 5mm circular needles until dcreases? I have a pair of short about 9 inch circular needles that I use until the decreases. You are an incredibly patient and kind person.

People ask some of the same questions over and over although many of the answer they seek are in the info provided however, maybe the instructions were improved by the questions prior to my finding this cute hat. You answer them and politely! It would drive me nuts! I made this hat using 4 ply yarn and US 8 needles 5mm.

I sewed the eyes on just after a few rows above were finished, as it made it much easier to access than when finished. I have a smaller head so this pattern was perfect fit. If I make another I am considering using different coloured buttons for the eyes.

I used 4 dp needles but would prefer 5 or a short circular needle next time. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Owl Hat Knit Pattern A few pattern notes: Do you prefer to crochet? Love this owl hat!: Hello, when you say you prefer to increase by M1 what does M1 mean. Are you using US 5 needles or 5mm knitinng needles? How many stitches for a hat to fit a child?

I absolutely love this hat and know my grandson will enjoy it too. Can you give a couple of suggestions for yarn…or the yarn you used for yours? Donna Could you give me the gauge? Just wondering what your sts per inch would be? The skeins I buy yards and that has always been enough for a hat for me. Can you please tell me what color and brand yarn you used for the hat in the pdf.

That is my question answered!! Thank you so much for this, I love it!! Repeat the same stitches on the other side of the beak. I find it cute and girlish. I am sorry for the low quality of the pictures, I made this beanie one night when I could not sleep and my light bulbs are not camera friendly. I crochet, knit, laugh and smile too often and talk to my cat way too much! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. A magic room filled with yarn, hooks and needles! This is how the beanie pie should look after the increasing rows: After your beanie is large enough, it is time to make the edging: With yellow make a row of sc. Cum sa crosetezi o floare in 7 culori. Reader Comments Super cute so going to make one of these Loading

of results for "owl beanie" Huggalugs Baby and Toddlers Boys or Girls Barn Owl Beanie Hat. by Huggalugs. $ $ 24 00 Prime. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Some sizes/colors are Prime eligible. out of 5 stars 6. Product Features Whimsical brown and grey barn owl with big yellow eyes. With all the cold winters and all the snow there's always time to make free crochet hat patterns like this Owl Beanie. The hat fits a small child, but you can find a way to make it an adult size if you wish. This is an advanced pattern. Find great deals on eBay for owl beanie hat. Shop with confidence.