What’s the Best White T-shirt for Women?

Available in a wide variety of colors at a reasonable price, our premium t-shirts are sure to make the cut when you update your casual clothes collection. Our Premium Cotton heavyweight t shirts are created using a thick % cotton fabric that is custom produced for us right here in the USA.5/5.

I have several of these t-shirts and they are currently my favorite T. It if really heavy at 8 oz. I loved those T-shirts.

Premium Cotton Heavyweight T-Shirts for Men. In a class of its own, our Premium T-Shirt is made from a high quality % cotton. The exclusive heavyweight tee is built tough and made to last.
Looking for some thick, tight collared t-shirts? Here's one a reader found that turned out to be pretty good. I bought an Pro 5 black shirt in XL and an white in Large, just to compare the sizes. no tag, heaviest cotton I have seen, and a thick good neck. I would have bought the whole rack out but they only had 3 xlg left. Reply.
Feb 12,  · Heavyweight - I absolutely hate thin t-shirts; I haven't seen any T-shirts I would consider
Premium Cotton Heavyweight T-Shirts for Men. In a class of its own, our Premium T-Shirt is made from a high quality % cotton. The exclusive heavyweight tee is built tough and made to last.
Aug 14,  · “My favorite white tees would be by Acne Studios, specifically the Finchley Tee because of the thick fabric. Sometimes I’ll buy a men’s XL and wear it as a T-shirt dress.

Premium Cotton Heavyweight T-Shirts for Men. In a class of its own, our Premium T-Shirt is made from a high quality % cotton. The exclusive heavyweight tee is built tough and made to last.

So if you know of a brand that you really like, let us know about it in the comments section below! I wear a size jacket and a size 18 shirt.

I bought an Pro 5 black shirt in XL and an white in Large, just to compare the sizes. The size XL fit me fine and the size large was a bit tight on the shoulder all after 1 wash. They are also not great under garments because they are so stout. I can honestly recommend both.

Personally I find Pro 5 T-shirts to be cut a little slimmer, especially under the armpits than Pro Club. So I prefer Pro Club. My favorite T-shirt however is made by Shaka Wear. The store is called Twin Sports Outlet. The Shaka Wear T-Shirts are slightly heavier then the other two, with high tight collars and possibly cut a bit fuller. This makes them a bit more stretchy which may be better in such a thick T-shirt 7 oz. These are a bit bulky for an undershirt except maybe a cold day under a roomy wool shirt.

You can get all the same color or 3 different colors if you message the seller what you want. Heavier yet T-Shirts are available from Goodwear only available at their web sight. These are much more expensive and I find most of their products are exported to Japan where they seem to like these T-shirts. Totally made in USA. Super heavy, great quality hooded sweatshirts and other things.

I am the guy: I ordered a few. Some short and long sleeve pro fit. I will get back to you with a review after I check them out for a week. There are two t-shirts found on the camberusa. I have two of them. Too heavy for me most the time. Available on line from Camberusa. Very nicest t-shirt available if you are into super heavy t-shirts. Think of wearing a rug almost. Collars on mine do not seem exceptionally high or tight. But not loose or wimpy either. They are years old now so the new MAX Weight collars may be different.

I have not tried it. Found amazingly thick tshirts at walmart in Pembroke Pines night. I was so surprised when I saw another David H. I wrote to the Nordstrom buyers about why they had stopped selling this quality product they carry the boys sizes and they told me they would consider my recommendation.

RN if so, it means it is the nordstrom house brand. Hi Undershirt Guy, Let me see if I can answer your questions: The collar seems to be ribbed and never stretches out. I think the Nordstrom T-shirts I have are the classic fit; not bad but nowhere near the quality of the Pure Stuff. I too am a fan of the Nordstrom, Pure Stuff tee shirts. Mine are also at least ten years old and the ribbed collars and sleeves are still very much intact.

I too have been looking for more but thus far unable to find. Hello, First time writing. My experiences with good quality crew neck t-shirts started in the mid to late 90s. At that time Nordstrom had a line called Pure Stuff. I loved those T-shirts. Nordstrom totally wrecked a good shirt. That led me to a long search for a great t-shirt. I have found some of the very highest quality and thickest t-shirts in the industry.

But they do not have the very best neck tightness their just OK. I have several of these t-shirts and they are currently my favorite T. However the neck is not that tight. It if really heavy at 8 oz. It is a very nice T-shirt but is too thick to wear under most clothing.

It is fine as a stand alone shirt. They are also fairly expensive and available mail order only. I have 2 of these t-shirts, and I like them, but again I wish they had a tighter neck.

In the last few weeks I have decided to try 3 new candidates that seem to be popular in some circles. They are all said to have nicely tight necks, are are relatively inexpensive. Pro Club seems to be the oldest brand of the t-shirts, but some say the Pro 5s are an improved version of the Pro Club. Also some say Shaka is the best of the bunch. To make a comparison I ordered these shirts on ebay. I ordered 2 of each brand one Medium one Large for a total of 6 t-shirts. I ordered both medium and large because I am in between sizes and can go one or the other depending on maker.

I will keep an eye out for the FOTLs. One more newer brand a year or 2 old I forgot to mention. It has gotten a couple of great reviews in magazines mostly for their superb quality Sweatshirts. The only problem is they are constantly sold out.

I have been on their contact list for months and months, but their web site has very few products available. I guess the Silicone Valley and San Francisco liberal elite crowd has proclaimed them status symbol worthy… Hence always hard to get your hands on.

I bought one medium and one large of Pro Club, Pro 5 and Shaka on ebay for a total of 6 shirts. Shirts were about 40 dollars plus shipping. They arrived days after ordering. I bought both a medium and a large because I am somewhere in between and will use one or the other depending on the brand. My current weight is pounds. All shirts felt about the same in terms of cotton weight.

They were listed as 6. None of them approached the thickness of my Goodwear Heavy Weight T-shirts which are made out of a truly heavy 7. I suspect all these shirts are actually somewhere around 6. This is fine considering the typical run of the mill generic T-shirt is 5.

All shirts seemed very similar visually as to quality or construction. There were no differences in visual size comparison when laid out and compared to each other. There was some recognizable size differences among brands when I tried the shirts on. The medium size shirts in all 3 brands were too tight for me. However the Shaka was the most generously cut, the Pro 5 the least. The Pro 5 Medium was very tight around the chest and very tight under the arms The Pro Club Medium was somewhat tight in the chest and a tiny bit tight under the arms The Shaka Medium was just slightly tight in the chest and had no tightness under the arms.

The large sizes were all comfortable for me although the under arm holes of the Shaka seemed to have more excess space or freedom than the other two brands. Neck tightness and collar height position were all about the same Overall length of the T-shirts were all about the same seemed a little long Arm lengths were all about the same.

ALL Large t-shirts were then washed normally warm wash, cold rinse and dried in the drier on Medium-High heat. All shrunk in length about 2 inches. This is fine as I felt all were a little too long prewash. Arm length, collar tightness and collar height all seemed the same as prewash. Cotton weight still felt identical between the 3 despite advertised differences. All 3 brands seemed a little smaller around the chest than before washing. The Pro Club being the tightest followed by the and Pro 5 and then Shaka.

The Large Pro Club shrunk enough that it bothered me around the arm hole areas like there was not enough room under the arms. The annoyance was an all day thing and the shirt did not stretch out enough during the day to eliminate the problem. The Pro 5 was comfortable while being slightly tighter than the Shaka.

The Shaka was the most comfortable, being a bit more relaxed at the chest and under the arms. Subjective Feelings at week one: I like Shaka the best. I like Pro Club the least due to excess shrinkage causing binding under the arms. Length is longer 2. Like Frank g said. Best to try for yourselves. My last entry was March I have lost 10 pounds since then. Where I had preferred the Shaka to the other two due to it being more roomy, I now think Pro5 and Pro Club are just as comfortable.

All 3 shirts seem to be good quality and I am happy with all. Not fading would also be a plus. Have a high, strong collar that doesn't lose its shape - not so high as to be considered a "mock turtleneck" but higher than the majority of t-shirts.

I hate sagging collars even more than thin t-shirts. Have sleeves that are moderate to small in size. I'm no bodybuilder and I can't stand sleeves that look like boat sails. Come in a variety of colors. Preferably come in "large tall" sizes - I'm 6' 2" Preferably come without pockets. Here are a few examples that came really close and what was wrong, ultimately: Inconsistent sizes between colors, expensive, pocket only.

Gigantic sleeves, a bit too thin. Pro Club Heavyweight T-Shirt: Not bad but the collar was a bit weak and could be a bit longer. Can't find these anymore, anyway. I've tried most "common" T-shirts i. Anyway, this is a small quest of mine and just thought I run it by you guys Dec 14, Messages: They have a good "weight" as most all of Duluth's stuff is overbuilt for heavy use.

I ordered a few things that were XXL but still too small but they took 'em right back, and in one case sent me a 3xl free to try. Apr 11, Messages: Nov 22, Messages: Stafford Brand from JCPenney is a pretty thick undershirt. I've seen them in a few colors; black, grey, and white.

Also, Hanes makes a t-shirt that they market as "Beefy Tee. Not sure where to buy them at. Sep 14, Messages: I have one and love it. I'm planning on getting another long sleeve one and two or three short sleeve version. Apr 10, Messages: I have a couple of heavyweight tee's from Duluth Trading Co. They are the best tee shirts I've ever owned. Try them you won't be disapointed.

Sep 27, Messages: We like the Duluth tees but the best quality for the price is from Heavyweight Collections. They are made in America and they have three body styles to choose from. Oct 14, Messages: And with a user name like "TshirtGirl", you better bet she knows her stuff. Nov 25, Messages:

Find great deals on eBay for thick cotton t shirts. Shop with confidence. of over 7, results for "thick cotton t shirts" Pro Club Men's Heavyweight Cotton Long Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirt. by Pro Club. $ - $ $ 4 $ 27 95 Prime. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Some sizes/colors are Prime eligible. out of 5 stars Premium Cotton Heavyweight T-Shirts for Men. In a class of its own, our Premium T-Shirt is made from a high quality % cotton. The exclusive heavyweight tee is built tough and made to last.