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There will be two empty stitches in between. Hi, I have a pattern question. Thought you might get a chuckle out of this.

WOMEN’S CROCHET FLIP-FLOPS. Please remember: You are free to use this pattern to make and sell, but do not republish or distribute this pattern in any NOT use my photos in your listings. Please do share my blog links! It’s a quick and FREE way of supporting Whistle and Ivy and more free crochet patterns in the future.
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Take flip flops for example – there are so many patterns for crocheting pretty flip flops that will definitely get you ready for the summer. Whether it is barefoot flip flops, baby sandals or simply turning plain flip flops into crocheted goodness, these projects we are sharing will definitely leave you stunned.
Take flip flops for example – there are so many patterns for crocheting pretty flip flops that will definitely get you ready for the summer. Whether it is barefoot flip flops, baby sandals or simply turning plain flip flops into crocheted goodness, these projects we are sharing will definitely leave you stunned.
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I have some flip flops and yarn to make you some. Can you please help? You can find all my other free crochet patterns right here! Thanks so much for your hawk eyes! Row 14 should be called row There is no row Thanks again for your proofreading!

What a cute house shoe and fantastic summer pattern!! These are pretty darn cute for out of the house as well.

I need to wear an arch support insole around the house hardwood and baby chasing can destroy me before breakfast! Do you think these guys would? Hope that makes sense! I wonder how it would work if you glued an insole onto the flip flop before putting in the holes and use them as a support for the flip flop to make a sturdier base as most have a cloth top.

I have a couple of questions. Does this sound correct? Your stitches look to be more like a sl instead of a sc. Without looking at them, there are a few things that might contribute to a larger gauge.

Mine almost flattened a bit, and thus do look a little like a slip stitch. Does that make sense? Feel free to ask more questions if not!

I am only guessing, but I think maybe if you are able to do the 1st row, to get the yarn IN the foam, that you could then change to DP knitting needles and pick up stitches with the knitting needles, all the way around, continuing to knit until they are the size you want, following the same shaping, etc of the pattern for the heel and then picking up stitches at the top to do that too. Adjust gauge to get what you want with whatever size needles you prefer to use. You may need 5 or 6 needles to get around the sole.

If you are not able to do the 1st row with sc , if you know how to embroider, you could try using a blanket st around the sole to get the yarn started and continue with the pattern as above.

As I said, this is just a guess. I am not an expert, by any means, and I have not tried this yet as I just found the pattern, but my brain goes in different directions than it would be expected to, and I come up with some crazy ideas. Perhaps Anne Smith is using.

And that is why her sides are so high. Can you tell us what size hook and gauge yarn you used please? Also, a photo to show how you started in the back would be helpful. As the first 9 rows are in the round, do the rows start getting smaller?

Your photo makes them look like they cinch inward, closing in over the foot. Or do the rows go straight up? Are you in the UK by chance? If so, then your sc is actually our double and would be much taller as a consequence. Am I missing it somewhere? I always need rubber soled slippers. Thanks for sharing my patterns on Pinterest! I hope you enjoy making your own pair, Gerry. Let me know if you have any questions. And feel free to send me a pic of the finished project! Can you mail me a written pattern for those adorable slippers?

Thank you so much. Hi could I get the pattern from you on how to make the flip flops. I have very hard to fit feet so If I could figure out how to make these I could finally have perfectly fitting house shoes. I think these would be darling and comfortable for us Red Hat Society sisters to wear. Hi there Just wondering where can I get the pattern for these I would like to have a go at making them.

I was wondering however there is a elderly lady in our church that makes crocheted dish cloths with dish towels with a matching crocheted end for hanging that she gives out for birthday gifts, anniversary gifts exct. I was wondering can I print this off and give it to her for something a little different to work on for her family?

If so, can you please tell me HOW to print it? Thank you I needed a project to work on while I sit here on my butt recovering from knee surgery!!! A new crochet project is certainly in order! I hope you enjoy this one. Since the pattern is pretty short, you could always copy and paste the text into Microsoft Word or something similar to print it out. I wish I could! I want to try these for my granddaughters.

Do you use the size flip flop true to a persons shoe size seeing that your are going in a little from the edge of the actual edge. Than j s for any help you can give me. Hi there, I absolutely love this idea and I wondered if you could also adapt this pattern for knitting? Feel free to subscribe in the white, pink and green box above this comment area to get notified once I make the video. If you could make a small video on how to get the yarn started on the slipper that would be awesome.

Seeing it done first hand in a step by step video would be very helpful, maybe even post to You Tube or something? I clicked on the reference to the inexpensive hooks, but it showed a blank page.

Where can I get info on the hooks you used? Thanks for letting me know. Awesome shoes I use to crochet but lost my central vision 18 months ago Thinking might be difficult for me to make now Going to visit family miles one way and we will be doing it round trip at end of july Since I will be riding in car for would love these I love the color you chose Wish I could find these already made in pink and turqoise Is there anywhere that sells these all ready made? If so do you know the cost? Thank you for your time, help and information Have a safe and fantastic week end.

I do not have them already made but can get them out in days depending on how many orders I have in progress. I want a pair but I dont know howto crocheting… Will somebody make me a pair I will pay u I wear a size plot hank u.

Hi from New Zealand. May then get hubby to glue extra flip flop on bottom as I seem to end up outside in things like these. Is there anyway that you could do a YouTube video of this. Us visual people are handicapped without seeing it done.

Love these and am working on a pair now! One question though, when you get to the slipper top it says: When we sk 1 sc is that to the right or left of the right marker when the toe is facing you? I am thinking right otherwise when you continue you will be going backwards to the marker but wanted to check. I have wide feet which is one of the reasons I love flip-flops: Would I need to adjust the pattern at all, especially in the toe area?

How do you think I should go about that?! These stretch a bit over time, especially if you use cotton yarn, so you might be able to use the pattern as is. You could also try just poking your holes slightly closer together like.

I think this would allow your feet a little extra wiggle room. All of your patterns are amazing. Will be doing flip flop slippers and cherry blossom plants this weekend. I showed the picture around the office and half a dozen folks want both of them! Thank you so much for the free patterns and wonderful pictures! Are these crocheted in the round or do you have to slip stitch to the first stitch and chain up for the next row?

Crocheted in the round. No need to chain up, etc. I will add that note to the pattern. Thanks for asking a good question! I hope you enjoy the process. I would be interested to see how the top part stretches as you walk, since it would be anchored differently by the sole than if the whole thing were crochet. Especially using cotton yarn. Which was good because I made it intentionally tight to begin with. One reader had a good suggestion to wash them if the cotton stretches to get it to shrink up again.

Feel free to report back on your experiences too! Jess, you are a creative crochet genius. Thank you so much for sharing! If you fill the three holes on each sole where you removed the straps with a silicone caulk material the soles will be waterproof for outdoor wear. Hi Jess, Love this pattern. Will defently be making these. Did I just miss it? Is 12 and 13 the same?

Thanks for your great ideas. Thanks for pointing it out. I like it a lot. I will have a go at it. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work. Thank you so much for your kind words. How old were you when you learned? Does that make any sense? Perhaps this explanation combined with a look at some of the photos above will help. I am having the same issue as Nancy. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I have ripped it out 3 times now and still getting the same result. But I do have a question about the TOP of the the slipper.

Is it suppose to lay flat on the top of your foot? Mine keeps rounding upwards above the top of my foot. You might try using a slightly smaller hook if the top is bulging a little. I find the top part to be pretty forgiving once your foot is stretching it out a bit. Thanks so much for pattern! I have a few friends wanting these, but i think they want them for outdoor shoes. Any advise i can give them to stretch their life as long as possible?

Also any advise for me while making?? Another reader had a great suggestion if they stretch out as cotton tends to do. She said you can wash them to get the yarn to tighten up again. Also, you might be able to experiment with using two strands held together to make them a bit sturdier. If you try this, let me know how it works out! I just wanted to let you know my husband use a very littledrillto drill the holes all around it it work out beautiful. Really enjoying trying these slippersnice Christmas presents.

What a great idea! Thanks for taking the time to share what worked for you. I bet these will be awesome Christmas gifts! Here they are on Amazon. I also updated the link above—thanks for letting me know! Gotta love when that happens. Thanks for this slipper pattern-they look really cute. Am going to try and crochet a pair next week. I just created a printable pdf because so many people requested it. I would like to incorporate initials into the top front part.

Can you give me some guidance please? Maybe a few friends might even get some b-day gifts on time?! Both my sister and daughter want these. Great way to re-use unusable items. Thank you for the pattern.

The only thing I might suggest is to put the amount of stitches you should have at the end of each round and row. I have got to learn how to crochet or figure out how to adapt this to knitting. Do you have an online tutorial or is there one you would recommend?

I would love to learn with my 8 year old daughter and possibly make these together. I learned when I was 8! I think it would be a wonderful thing for you two to do together. I make slippers using Yoga Mats that I get at 2nd hand stores. I trace the foot size on the mat, cut it out, punch out the holes with a heavy duty punch and crochet away. You have to scroll down a bit to find the slippers on the link. Sorry, I thought it would bring up just the slippers.

I signed up for your emails. My first email sent me to a page that needs a password. Where do I find the pastword at? The password is in the email that you received with the link. The payment page turned inside out afterwards…. Did you use your peii. I tried twice more. With a credit card I was able to finally get the pattern. Thanks for troubleshooting it.

Thank you very much for the pattern! I have read all your instructions and it looks a super pattern would it be OK to seal the stitches round the edge with a clear silicone to strengthen them when wearing caz. Question for you, are you single clothing on the outside of the slipper or on the inside going around? Hi, I have a pattern question. On the top side on the first row.

With the toe facing toward you, attach the yarn at the right marker. Hi I was wondering if plastic bags could be used instead of yarn? The plastic would last for quite awhile. Would it make any difference if the outside was facing me—would it curve to the inside just the same? Thanks for the pattern. I know what you mean. I faced the inside toward me as well. It does get a bit easier after the first few rows.

I think the clunkiness is just one of the hazards of crocheting around a piece of rubber. Thank you for the quick reply. Just wondered if I was doing it right.

My granddaughter found this pattern and just had to have them. Thanks very much for sharing. Have a wonderful day! I found if I crocheted the first row from the outside to the inside it made crocheting much easier. Opposite of the photo showing poking the holes. Just a thought for those concerned about ripping the foam, maybe leave the flipflop as is, without cutting off the straps?

Maybe that would give more support and less stress on the crochet work? Thanks so much for the pattern! I use this great site: I do have a question! They are so cute! Thanks and God bless! Also did you decrease at all from row Mine are very loose and bigger than the sole. Yours looks like it gets smaller toward the top. Thanks so much Jess for this amazing pattern. I live in Australia and it is winter here. When my husband showed me the pattern on face book I straight away thought of my 3 daughters for Christmas presents.

They love their thongs like a lot of Aussies do and I thought they would love these slippers. This is going to be my Winter project then they will be ready for our summer. I will send you a photo of the girls with them on once their finished.

Thanks again all the way from Oz. Hello from the USA, Leanne! I would LOVE to see a photo of your finished slippers! I think your daughters will appreciate them too. I read through the whole page…what did I miss? Is there any way you could email it to me through the email I provide?

Hi, Jess wonderful pattern. Iam having a little problem starting off the pattern with the first sc. I know you probably already said but, what kind of yarn do you use? I think any worsted weight yarn would do though. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern. I keep going through how to attach the yarn to the toe and then after at the skipping a stitch and chaining two and then going back into beginning stitch has me confused.

Do you attach and then skip a stitch, SC, chain two, and then slip stitch to starting stitch? I want to make several different colored Slippers, but I am having problems printing out your pattern for the Slippers With Flip Flops. Could you please help in telling me a better way to doing it, without having to print out all of those pages,, and not just the instructions. Thanks ahead of time. A few people had questions about this section. Have a look and see if it helps!

Also looking at the photo directly below the first row of the toe might help too. I am knitting slippers for the grand children. My son send me the link for the flipflop slippers.

Is he trying to tell me something?? Thank you so much for the free slipper pattern!! Check it out and see if it helps clarify things a bit. I saw these and immediately wanted to make them but I had one small problem. I went to the store and bought all of the supplies and after practicing sc over and over in a rectangle I decided to give these a shot.

I did well although getting through the flip flop soles initially proved to be quite the challenge up until I got to the toe area.

No matter, I made something up after watching several other videos and my first shoe came together! Fits pretty well, although it does not look as slim as yours, definitely a bit bulkier in the sides, and the toe area is pretty different but not unattractive.

Really all I need on video is the toe section. The rest was pretty easy, even for a beginner! Everyone should give this a try! This was your first project!?! I am totally blown away!

Good for you for tackling it! I really hope to make a video soon. I think it could help a lot of people. With larger hook, cont in sc around the sole. Crochet in the round. Place two stitch markers in the middle of the sole. They are just the cutest…. Thank you soooo very much for sharing your wonderful pattern!

Instruction says to slip stitch into the sc where marker is. So it appears I will be moving to the right again? I thank you so much for any help you can me give with this! This part of the pattern was really tricky for me to explain, so thanks for asking a great clarifying question. So in plain English: Then skipping a stitch toward the left , slip stitching into that stitch and then chaining 2. I hope that makes a little more sense? Looking at the photo right below this section of the pattern that shoes the toe and the stitch markers might be helpful too.

Wow — thank you for writing back so quickly! I understand your instructions perfectly…. I so appreciate all the time you took in explaining this step in further detail…. Could you please clarify row 1 of the toe? I read it as: Is it actually attach to the right OF the marker? I am currently working one a pair for a friend after making a first practice pair for myself.

Thank you so much for sharing the pattern and all of the helpful information! This is such a wonderful idea and I followed your pattern to a T I am an expert crocheter and often make my own patterns myself. This pattern poorly written making it pretty hard to follow but I continued anyways to see what would happen. It did not at all turn out like the ones pictured. I suggest having someone you know that can crochet well try out the pattern and see if it happens to them too.

I have had many readers send me photos of their finished slippers so I know that the pattern is working for some. I really enjoy crocheting and am constantly working on my pattern writing skills. MakeAndDoCrew at gmail dot com. Hi Jess, Thank you so much for sharing your pattern with everyone. It was an awesome thing to do. It was the answer to a prayer for me, as I needed something like this for vacation, but can not wear thong shoes or any sandal that goes between the toes.

I am attempting this pattern because I do like the idea you had, however, as I crochet, my shoes are not pulling in like yours. They seem to be more boatlike as I do the rows. Am I doing something wrong or is this going to correct itself, or do i need to start skipping some stitches? My shoe size is obviously larger than yours, so I am wondering how to adjust the crochet to make the shoe fit closer.

So happy you came across my pattern before you go on vacation. I have made a couple pairs of these now, and from what I can tell, it sounds like your holes might be a little closer together than mine, which is creating more stitches total, which is keeping the crocheting from tightening up like in my photos. I think your idea to do a simple decrease sc-dec in a few places around the toe and heel would correct this.

Thank you so much!!! It is so nice of you to respond to all of these inquiries, each of them different. What you said is exactly correct, my stitches do look like more, so I am on my way to decreasing. I will let you know how this turned out. Thanks so much, Grace! I think any worsted weight yarn will work fine! I have the 2 markers in place. With the toe facing toward you, 1 attach the yarn at the right marker. OKay, I attach yarn to the same stitch the marker is in 1.

Then chain 2 3 and slip stitch into where the marker is. I thought I was supposed to start on the 2nd stitch from the marker? Thanks for this pattern, I am very excited to try.

One idea to make them sturdier if you are worried about ripping through the sole. You could put the holes straight through the sole instead of on an angle, then for the first row use that plastic thread like that lanyard material then after the first row switch to the cotton.

I might try it both ways to see which is better. Are you going clockwise — so the right side is facing out, or counter clockwise — so the right side ends up on the inside of the slipper. Remove thong from both pair.

Crochet your slippers using one pair, then glue the extra soles onto the bottom of your slippers. I would use something like Liquid Nails or Contact Cement. If you made a pair like this you could also make your holes from top to bottom instead of at an angle.

The crochet thread would be less likely to rip the rubber. It would also protect the thread from wear when you glue the other sole to the bottom. Do you have a video that I could watch to better understand? In the meantime, I hope that the photos above can help you figure out where the stitch markers belong.

If you mimic the photos closely as far as placement, you should be in good shape. I may have missed it and at the risk of sounding stupid How many holes do you poke in your shoes, say like for a medium. Thanks for the clarification on row 1. It did help and still look forward to more pictures and even a video someday.

This seemed to work pretty good for me. Thanks again for this great pattern. I made the mistake of poking too many holes 90 for a size 10 flip flop and enduring is far too loose.

How that was a clearly worded question. I think either could work, Lindsey. For those of you who are not able to crochet, I have the go ahead to plug my Etsy shop on this wonderful pattern made by Make And Do Crew.

I put a picture of my second pair on Pinterest and got to meet this wonderful lady in virtual world. We have many color options in stock. Go to our shop LovingLea Created at https: You can also request a custom order if we do not have a color that interests you in stock. Is there a video link or YouTube video showing at the very least the highlights and some tutorial? It would be greatly appreciated. I just made my first pair and was wanting to make one for my 5 year old granddaughter and was wondering if I still do theb9 rows or would I use less for her?

Hi Just made myself a pair of these, their great. Thanks so much for creating the pattern. So I used heavy thread and poked too many holes so I had to decrease the first 2 rows… I love them.

I used a braided cord of the same yarn to make them fit better. They are so cute and comfy!! I posted a comment. No wonder there were no follow-up comments. All comments get moderated. Thanks for your patience. I love the idea and have had many people as me to meek these for them. Thanks for the pattern! Did you plug them with something?

I know some people who reuse that bottom round part by cutting it down and glue it in place then cover it on the inside with moleskin. I was just curious if there was a different way. Yes, you could definitely glue the plugs back into the bottom.

Since these are meant to be house slippers and not worn outside, I just left the holes open. More ventilation for summer time ;. Hi Jess, fabulous crochet pattern.

Hello from the USA, Danielle! Yes, I think you could. It would just mean that your top section would come a little higher up on your foot toward your ankle. It would be pretty minor though. I have crocheted for years, and found this extremely frustrating. I made one slipper, and it was huge. I ripped it out, used a smaller needle and again it was too big. The third time I decreased one or more times in almost every row. I think you need help writing patterns.

Or, you could try the other things mentioned in the pattern. I have just started mine and I just have a quick question…when doing the first row, you say to insert the needle from top to bottom. Is this crocheted with the wrong side out…? I just want to be sure I am starting right since its crocheted in the round. So as I placed my first row, I went around the sole in a counterclockwise direction.

I hope this makes sense. I do mine in the clockwise direction with the outside right side facing me. Has it worked out for you okay to do it the other way?

I made one pair of these and now I want to make a pair for my granddaughter but she is five years old. Would 9 rows not be too big for her? Thank you for the great pattern! I just posted a pattern for toddler-sized boat shoe slipper in which the heel is crocheted in the same way as this pattern.

You might like to check out the dimensions of that to get an idea of what would work for a kid. Also, you could always have her mother or father measure that part of her foot to get an idea of how high you need to make it. Hi, Working on crocheting a pair now. I have a question about round 9 should I do the enitire row sc then put the markers in or put the markers in before row 9.

I keep getting one side higher and not sure what my issue is. These are super cute! So follow exactly the steps of the pattern by row 9 sc to the heel point you began the slipper at. Then place the markers. Then row 9 cont. I am trying to make these, but am having difficulty with the top toe part as a lot of others have. Place stitch markers 10 stitches apart at the toe. Thought you might get a chuckle out of this. Yes that does help.

And then you do the 2 hdc where you did the first sl st correct? This is where I am having difficulty, as well. If I skip the 2 and sc into a third stitch, I end up with the last sl st 15 stitches to the left. I am not used to following patterns, though, so I may be reading something wrong? So, the sk 2 sc should be skipping two single crochets. There will be two empty stitches in between. Good for you for giving pattern reading a shot! Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous pattern.

Congrats on learning a new life skill! I think everyone could benefit from having something so wonderful to do with their hands. I had started the heel portion of the pattern only to see that one side of the heel is higher than the other. I pulled out all the way to just before Row 9. Per the pattern, I began Row 1 on the heel. Do I start Row 9, place the first stitch marker once I pass where it is supposed to go and continue all the way around to where I joined the yarn placing 2nd stitch marker where necessary and then continue around to the 1st marker?

Doing it this way should result in both sides being the same height. I have a different problem, I have small feet and wear like a size 5 shoe. Any ideas on how to make these smaller?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Check out this link. It is for a child. You can either add more increases or add more rows where there is no increases. Finished my first flip flop slipper. It took a couple of times of creating and taking apart but, I think I got it.

I love how customizable these are. My mom wears a size 11 and just made a cute pair as well. HI…I have went through all the comments to get help with row 9, but your answers are somewhat different for all three. Can you please explain it clearly for me? In row 9, your single crocheting until you get to the back of the heel where you started. At that point, you pause, put stitch markers in the appropriate places and then continue sc in the same direction you were working called row 9 cont in the pattern until you get to the stitch marker, where you complete the end of row 9 cont.

At that point, you turn the slipper and head back in the other direction row 10 toward the heel and eventually the other stitch marker. I left that loose-ish. I ordered the pdf but did not get page 4 when I printed it. Is there anyway you could send it to me. I love this pattern. I started making a yellow pair with white sole and found that there was too much sole left at the back of the heel, I guess that is why you said to buy a size smaller.

I got the first one made and noticed this and the pattern worked out exactly how you said it would. I just need to buy smaller flip flops. I have scads of cotton peaches and cream in all different colours. I can make summer shoes to go with every outfit I wear, how cool is that. I do use a flip flop that has a harder sole, so it should last longer, but if it only lasts for one season….. Thanks so much Jess for posting this pattern.

What a wonderful story, Angie! I was thinking the same thing when I started to notice mine getting a little dirty. How awesome that you can make your own shoes now for a couple bucks using supplies you already own. That is the best! I have another question about the toe part.

I understand the instructions but the issue is the stitches. So if I am placing the markers 10 stitches apart, and the fist cluster is the…….

Then the next 2 clusters are made by skipping 2 sc and making 3 hdc in the 3rd stitch, is that correct? Thanks for pointing that out. Left marked stitch sk cl sk sk cl sk sk cl Right marked stitch—start here. Thank you so much for rewording this.

I understand much better now. I am working on my 2nd shoe of my 2nd pair. Thank you so much for the feedback, Robin! I am so happy to hear that! I always aim to be as clear as possible, but I really appreciate readers like you who point out where I can improve a pattern.

Please I want patterns of these flip flops? I havr osteoarthritis in the feet and think this will do wobders to my feet. The pattern is above this comment area within the body of the post. Although you might really enjoy it! Much discussion and so many love these slippers. This is probably the BestIdeaEver! Thank you for designing these. I am having some trouble understanding the pattern.

I have tried making one pair and they do not look like your photos. I must be doing something wrong. Are you going to make an instructional video?

That would help me out on making these wonderful slippers. I did punch my holes further apart and seems to have worked.

How long does this take to receive them? It might be worth checking your spam and junk folders as it def should arrive in less than 10 mins. Thanks for your patience! Hi, I have made a pair of these slippers, love them. I did make a few changes as I wanted to use a different type of yarn and a varigated yarn. Tried to go to jess makeanddocrew. I did post them on Facebook!! Thanks so very much, love this idea. Plan on making a pair for my Great niece and nephew for a trip we are taking.

Thought they would be great for them to wear in the rental van. That way their shoes never know if it is rainy, muddy, etc will be placed on a rug we will be taking for that purpose. Feel free to email me at Jess at make and do crew dot com no spaces and using the and. Are they to make the heel or thw toe sidw thicker? I am struggling to understand.

I am in the process of making these slippers. I then make some use the side to top hole method and they lasted for quite a while. I only had acrylic yarn to work with and not crochet at that time so I think using cotton now will greatly improve the slippers. I purchased some from Dollar Trees because they had some beautiful printed patterns that I thought would help enhance the slipper when finished. On the right flip flop I had 3 holes pull right through the rubber and on the left 2 holes pulled through.

Because I remember from years ago that I needed to be very careful on spacing the holes, not to be too close to the edge of the flip flop and not to pull the yarn too tight when attaching the foundation row—I was very careful yet I ended up with some soles in each slipper.

Since these are for me and are the first I am making, it will be fine but I will not be using Dollar Trees flip flops again and it such a shame because they had such a wonderful array of colors to choose from plus I purchased several pair. I would like to add a note about the printing issue which seems to be a question posed quite often in the comments and I see on Facebook.

I think it is great to offer a pdf and at a reasonable cost. Afterall, you are giving this pattern away free. If anyone has researched as I have done to make slippers using flip flops both online plus watching many YouTube videos,, at the local craft stores, in my crochet 4 crochet circles I go to weekly, and on Facebook crochet group sites one would greatly appreciate your efforts. You do still get some stuff that you may not want but instead of being lots of pages this reduces the document down to a reasonable size.

When considering how much ink you use to print this can be very economical. I remember an online pattern if printed would have been 36 pages but using the pdf print program it was 4 pages.

Again, that saves on printing, wear and tear of the printer, ink and paper costs. Any member can add photos and comments on projects which I find very very helpful. This also gives me ideas of what colors of yarn or what kind of yarn to use on a project.

Mine looks nothing even close to yours, and the directions are quite confusing. When I attempt the first few stitches of the first row of the toe, it almost gets all knotted and unworkable. Do you have a picture tutorial or video tutorial of this portion? Perhaps it would be helpful to check out the photos above that reference the toe section. You might like to check those out in the comments section. I did compare mine to the pictures, and as I stated, mine look nothing like yours.

I did attempt to look in the comments, but as there are so MANY of them, I gave up trying to find any that helped figure it out. At this point, I will try something different and come up with my own finish. If I can do that, I will share that with you, so that others who are having trouble with the toe portion have another choice for the finish.

Your are right the flip flop from Walmart are better to do these on. The second pair I made on from Family Dollar. My email address is jess at makeanddocrew dot com. Did you happen to check your spam or junk folder? Sometimes it ends up there. I love your shoe pattern!

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